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How To Build A Highly Profitable 
Virtual Advisory Practice...Without 
Ever Seeing A Client In-Person
Learn How To Consistently Close New Business 100% Virtually, 
While Building A Highly Profitable Practice Around Your Own 
Schedule and Lifestyle... All In Just 28 Days
Would You Like To Quickly Build Rapport and Create Meaningful Relationships With Prospects Virtually, While Expanding Your Target Market 
Far Beyond Your Local Market Area?
Would you like more freedom, more time and more meaningful relationships with clients, all at the same time?

Are you tired of traditional “old-school” approaches pushed by top advisors that flat out don’t work like they used to? 

Maybe you’ve bought expensive sales training and coaching programs from so-called “sales experts” (that have never sold an annuity on their own). 

Do you feel like your schedule revolves around the need to meet with clients in-person (while you miss out on spending time with your loved ones and enjoying life to its fullest)? 

If you’ve felt these frustrations with your’re not alone. It’s not your fault! You've come to the right place.

But let's face it...Most of what you’ve been taught about selling is DEAD WRONG…especially in today’s day and age

The industry is changing fast…clients don’t need or want to come and meet with you in-person (like they did in the past).

Robo-advisors are quickly replacing the jobs of many advisors. The old school approach to working with prospects and clients dramatically limits your freedom and lifestyle. 

The game has changed (it’s time for a modern, more efficient way to work with clients)...

That's why today, we're really excited to introduce to you the "Advisor Freedom Formula" which is going to be key in allowing you the freedom of lifestyle you desire, with the ability to continue to grow your business.

With this program...

You can consistently close new business 100% over the phone (without ever having to meet with clients in-person).

You can build your practice around your own schedule and lifestyle and expand your prospect-base far beyond your local market.

What’s possible for you if you had significantly more income and a location-independent business that provided you with ultimate freedom? 

Would you spend more time with family and friends? Would you travel more? How about spending more time enjoying hobbies, sports and activities and truly living life to its fullest?

You can plan your schedule so that you are working WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want.

I know that may sound unbelievable, but in a moment you'll see how it all works, so just keep reading. 
Terry Heys, Financial Advisor
Virtual Sales Expert 
"Hi, my name is Terry Heys and I've sold TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in annuity premium 100% virtually. I haven't actually seen a client in-person in over 5 years."
Do You Want To Learn A Proven 
And Modern Approach To Building Your Practice Without Ever Having To Meet With Clients In-Person?
I've been a licensed Financial Advisor for 29 years, but today I run my practice 100% virtually and haven't seen a client in-person in over 5 years. 

I've written TENS of million dollars in annuities, even when nobody thought it was possible...100% over the phone. 

Recently, my friends at Advisor Internet Marketing asked if I would be willing to share with other advisors my proven system to help them create more freedom in their business (with a virtual sales process)

And what I've proven over and over is the easiest and most reliable way to reach more clients and create more freedom in your practice by using a modern and proven virtual sales process to meet with clients.

It's literally the difference between a typical average advisory practice and a "high profits, total freedom" kind of business. And when you apply it in your business, your sales, profits AND your free time can double almost instantly

Whether you're trying to ramp up your annuity business, beat the competition, or have more free time, the Advisor Freedom Formula gives you the missing piece of the puzzle you need to finally make your dreams a reality. 

This program will reveal the EXACT STEPS you need to follow in order to achieve your most important business and life goals faster than ever before. 

And what makes the Advisor Freedom Formula different than every other sales method out there is that it's uniquely created BY AN ADVISOR, FOR ADVISORS...not some over-priced "sales guru" that's never sold an annuity in their life.

What this means is that regardless of whether you have an office, a website, a radio show, or however many years in business... 

You can use my proven methods to consistently close business with any type of client, virtually anywhere (yes, that includes life insurance business). 

If you're like me, you're sick and tired of traditional “old-school” sales approaches that don’t work like they used to.

This powerful method exposes the biggest unknown challenges your prospects will have during retirement and ethically builds a positive pressure around taking action, without any manipulation or shady sales tactics. 

When you join the Advisor Freedom Formula you will receive instant access to the following 4 key modules. You'll also be invited to a LIVE Welcome Webinar hosted by me and my team to kick things off.  
Modules Overview

Module 1 - RECON

In the first module we'll go over:

■ The best way to establish rapport and gain trust, neutralize resistance and lower defenses with prospects.

■ Ways to comfortably guide your prospects into an online meeting so they can see your computer screen while avoiding the tech overwhelm.

■ Which tools you need to easily share your computer screen (use the wrong software and you could lose the prospect).

■ How to explain annuities using easy-to-understand visual concepts (with written illustrations).

■ How to ethically build a wedge between prospects and their advisor (because what is being sold to them isn’t suitable or in their best interest).

■ How to set the stage for the next appointment (including the follow-up process, what to send, and what NOT to send).

Module 2 - RANK

Within our second module, we'll teach you...

■ The RIGHT way to use online tools and software (without overwhelming your prospects).

■ The BEST way to compare annuities one against the other.

■ The 2 most important things that actually matter when comparing annuities.

■ The proper scripting and way to show the pros and cons of each annuity (income shortfall, income, growth potential, etc.).

■ How to get prospects to close themselves.

Module 3 - RECOMMEND

Within the third module, we’ll show you how to use our formulas to create a summarized “annuity plan” comprised of the top selected annuities. You'll also learn...

■ How to illustrate annuity income and growth in simple easy-to-understand terms.

■ The right way to guide prospects to making a buying decision (without coming across as pushy or as a high-pressure salesperson).

■ The top 3 most common objections and how to easily address and overcome them.

■ How to review signing applications with prospects to minimize errors and issues (to create confidence and clarity, while eliminating confusion...THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!)


We like to call this strategy our “super annuity” because of its strong benefits.

■ However, this is NOT an annuity...but it does still protect your principal if the market goes down.

■ This is fully liquid, with no surrender charges or periods (you can access your money when you need it).

■ It has triple the long-term care and death benefit with tax-free benefits to loved ones.

■ And it produces the highest benefits that we have seen (almost 3 times what we see in most annuities).

■ We'll give you all the information on this unique product and strategy that few advisors are aware of (you'll discover which prospects qualify).
** Internet Marketing Jumpstart Bonuses **

MARKETING BONUS #1 - Facebook Seminar System

■ In our first bonus, we offer a step-by-step click-by-click training on how to turn Facebook into an event registration lead machine.

■ You'll receive proven sample marketing advertising and sample offers, and event registration and ad templates.

■ These simple, sure-fire methods included will help you to get event registrations REGARDLESS of budget size or technical know-how.

$1,000 Value

MARKETING BONUS #2 – Webinar Master Method

■ In our second bonus, you'll learn how to convert your seminar presentation into an online sales webinar.

■ We provide an email sequence download that you need to invite people to attend your webinars and detailed information on 2 simple methods to create a high-converting webinar presentation.

■ Additionally, you'll learn which tools and technology to use to host your live sales webinars AND setup those webinars to broadcast to your prospects on autopilot.

$750 Value

MARKETING BONUS #3 – Lead Magnet Library

■ In our final bonus, you will get access to our ENTIRE “lead magnet” library of fully-customizable consumer white papers that have generated 1,357 leads in less than 60 days!

Included in the library:

■ "7 Social Security Secrets"
■ "10 Steps to a Better Retirement"
■ "7 Ways to Lose Money With Bonds"
■ "How to Identify an Annuity Hater"
■ "Truth About Annuities"

$1,000 Value
  •  Bonus #1 – Facebook Seminar System valued at $1,000
  •  Bonus #2 – Webinar Master Method valued at $750
  •  Bonus #3 – Lead Magnet Library valued at $1,000
By having the advisors in this program implement
as they go, it puts everyone in a position to 
profit from the program IMMEDIATELY.
When you join the Advisor Freedom Formula program, you'll receive instant access to each training session and accompanying materials within our private online member's website.

I have also created an exclusive Advisor Freedom Formula Facebook group, which is a private, closed online group just for advisors in the program.

It's a great way for you to ask questions, provide your ideas and thoughts, and get responses back from me and other advisors. It creates a community, a family feeling of like-minded advisors who are all working to scale their business up and attain true freedom.

Also in the private member's website, there is an area I recommend that you use often and it is called the Resource Center. That is where I share all of my training materials, videos, tools, scripts, resources and 3rd party articles I've compiled over the years.
Advisor Freedom Formula
Is For Advisors Who:
  • Are tired of traditional “old-school” approaches to selling to prospects and servicing clients that don’t work like they used to.
  • Have invested in expensive sales training and coaching programs from so-called “sales experts” (that have never sold an annuity on their own).
  • Feel like your schedule revolves around the need to meet with clients in-person (while you miss out on spending time with your loved ones and letting life's most fulfilling experiences pass you by).
  • Consistently close new business 100% over the phone (or a hybrid of in-person and virtual).
  • Own a location-independent business that suits your ideal lifestyle.
  • Want to expand your prospect-base far beyond your local market...ALL IN JUST 28 Days.
Advisor Freedom Formula Testimonials
I’m writing this in my pajamas. Seriously. It’s 3:25pm, I’ve already had three productive client meetings (closed one annuity, opened another, and gave free advice to a ‘window shopper’). Less than a month after attending the Advisor Freedom Formula I closed my first “virtual” client. Totally. Virtual. Client. In my pajamas.

It's true that prospects who search annuities online often hear from several advisors, BUT THAT’S AWESOME FOR ME! Why? Because with the system I learned at AFF I totally stand out from the crowd. Just this morning a prospect wrote:

“Your approach in trying to explain not only the concept of FIAs but in explaining the product (NATIONWIDE) itself was one of the best. So after having heard 5 other Financial Advisers… I would like to pursue discussing these issues some more and …course some of my investments thru you if you are still open for new clients.” 

Cool, huh? Most virtual advisors must really, really suck! Which is great for me. It can be great for you, too, if you’re smart enough to know a real opportunity when you see one and give Terry, Jovan and Fernando any sum they ask for to learn how to do what I’m doing 4-days a week, from my home office, in my pajamas.
“Though I was skeptical if this would work..I’m shocked it works far better than I had expected...

I’m close to a million dollars in annuity business in just a month. Even though it was from an existing client..It was so cool for the client & me...

And I did it all...right from my home office…How sweet is that? No fighting traffic. No having to buy the client a dinner & drinks…

Just, digipad, sign here stickers & overnight paperwork to the client & back to me.
..Hands down best "ROI" money I've ever spent on my business..your loyal follower for life…”
"As a financial advisor (both Insurance-licensed and securities-licensed), I often wonder – is there another way to reach out to clients and prospects? 

I'm happy to share that  I was able to implement the tools and new skills that I learned from the Advisor Freedom Formula right away. The prospective client became very receptive and actually requested to meet me at my office! I am currently using all the tools and strategies from the Advisor Freedom Formula in my practice, both for current clients, reviews or conversations, as well as for new prospects.

The best feedback I recently got was from a prospective client – 'I have learned more from you in our last two online meetings than the last 2 years I have been researching and talking to other advisors without overwhelming myself – thank you!' 

I strongly recommend for other advisors to take this 4-part course and add more fire-power to your business! Thank you Advisor Freedom Formula team for all that you do to educate advisors like myself, to improve my strategies and skillset to serve more clients in the most efficient way."
If you've stayed with me this far, I'm 
sure you're wondering how much the 
Advisor Freedom Formula is going to be.
We typically charge $2,497 for our advisor training programs (the last one sold out in less than 5 days, twice last year).

Some advisor “training programs” taught by gurus (who have never sold an annuity in their life) charge over $8,000.

This program was uniquely created BY an advisor, FOR advisors.

You can probably see how this program is a good deal at $2,497

But we want to do something special to help make this a no brainer, to guarantee your success, and because we want to gather some transformational advisor success stories.

So we are offering this amazing program to you for the discounted price of just $997. 

I wish someone shared this information with me when I first got started…it would have saved me years of frustration! 

Here’s the deal, I’m offering this training because I know that if we educate and help enough advisors many of them will choose to work with us in a greater capacity.

That’s why I decided to create this special program, and in full transparency, we are looking for a handful of smart and committed advisors to receive the annuity leads that we’re generating (my calendar is booked solid and we need some help handling the lead flow).

** We've got more leads than we can handle and we are looking for open and coachable advisors capable of selling over the phone. **

We just want to be open and transparent with you as to why we’re offering this training in the first place, at such a bargain.

Immediately after you enroll into the Advisor Freedom Formula, we will send you a brief questionnaire to better understand you and your specific business goals. You will also be automatically registered for our upcoming LIVE Welcome Webinar to kickoff the program.

So if you want to consistently close new business 100% over the phone, own a location-independent business that suits your ideal lifestyle, and expand your prospect-base beyond your local market...

All in just 28 days…

Click on the "Enroll Now" button below.
Registration Closes On Friday, April 20th At Midnight EST
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Frequently Asked Questions
Should I be concerned about compliance issues regarding signatures?
You should follow whatever compliance rules and regulations associated with the companies that you are licensed with and all state regulations. Obviously, each carrier may have different requirements, so you are responsible for playing by the rules.
Do I need to sign up with an IMO, certain vendors, or change FMOs?
Nope, you’re welcome to stay wherever you write business. We are not a FMO, IMO or a 3rd party marketing vendor.
What's the catch?
There is no catch, it's just $997 to sign up. Obviously this is NOT a big money maker for us. But we're charging a nominal fee because we want to gather some success stories and testimonials. 

So that’s why we decided to create this special program, and in full transparency, we are looking for a handful of smart and committed advisors to receive the annuity leads that we’re generating (we need some help handling the lead flow). 

** We've got more leads than we can handle, and we're looking for open and coachable advisors capable of selling over the phone. **
Will my info be sold to an FMO?
No, that’s not going to happen.
What products do you use? Is this only for FIAs, or only for variable annuities?
Terry has written business with many of the top annuity carriers out there, but the program is open to many types of annuity products.
I don’t offer annuities, can this program help me?
It depends, this program is ideally designed for advisors that sell annuities. Terry does also sell life insurance and has used his proven method to sell life insurance over the phone.
Are clients really comfortable working with someone virtually?
Absolutely, and in fact many of them actually prefer it that way. In many cases it’s actually more convenient for them and even provides a “unique experience” that very few advisors offer.
I'm brand new to the you recommend getting started with your sales system?
Obviously, this program will give you a leg up on the learning curve when it comes to selling annuities and you won’t have to “unlearn” any old-school sales methods. But we recommend you do have some prospects and/or clients to work with so you can put the Advisor Freedom Formula into action immediately.
Can I sign up next month?
No, the program closes on Friday, April 20th, at Midnight EST. We want all the advisors to start the program all at the same time. We may re-open registration some time next year, likely at a higher price.
Registration Closes On Friday, April 20th At Midnight EST
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